Duo – Gamer Controller for Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® touch Review

Game Loft Duo Gamer controller for ipad

Duo – Gamer Controller for Apple

Seeing a game controller for IOS from Gameloft is one of the very exciting things one may experience these days. This device was introduced by Gameloft just recently and it is also publicized as the very first and lone game controller approved by Apple for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Gameloft has given a very reasonable price for this device.

Duo Gamer is a game controller that can be connected via Bluetooth and it comes with thumb sticks, dual analog, a d-pad and six buttons. The device is identified in color black having the blue buttons along with thumb sticks (white) provided with an on/off indicator button placed on its center.

Enjoyable Gaming Control

With the use of this IOS controller, you should brace yourself and be ready to be taken to a higher level of game controlling. This first Apple controller from Duo Gamer is an app-supported gaming control for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. With the 2 analog joysticks, 4 buttons, 2 triggers and d-pad, this Duo Gamer enables you to experience playing a game like you’ve never experienced before. You can play the host of top rated first person shooter of Gameloft, racing games and role playing, all available in your favorite App store.

Get the Gameloft Started

Duo Gamer exclusively plays with the top rate Gameloft applications, which are available on App store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone, such as Asphalt 7: heat, NOVA 3, order and Chaos online, Modern Combat: Fallen Nation and Brother is arms: Global Front. There are lots of games from Duo Gamer that are about to come, so you need to keep track of it.

Easily Get Started

Be prepared to experience an exceptional gaming experience from Duo Gamer through the top-rated game apps of Gameloft. You will surely feel amazed with its easy to start feature. With a few easy steps, you can effortlessly start your gaming experience. The first thing you should do is to download any of your favorite Gameloft apps from an app store. And then, you need to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the Duo Gamer wirelessly via Bluetooth. Once done, and you can brace yourself to go on an exciting ride.

This controller for IOS is also compatible with most of the Apple devices. Duo Gamer wirelessly connects with any of your Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Its Duo Pinball is also compatible with iPad1, iPad2, iPad (third generation), iPhone5, iPhone4s, iPhone4, iPhone3GS, iPod Touch (fifth generation) and the iPod Touch (fourth generation).This game controller works appropriately with AA batteries. It is powered by these batteries, which are included from your purchase, allowing you to quickly and easily get started right after getting it out of its box.

With the amazing features and gaming experience that can be provided to you by this IOS controller, your game controls will surely soar to its highest level of excitement. Also, your investment will be placed on its great worth as using this gaming controller has the ample performance you would expect from such a device. Therefore, if you wish to have the best gaming controller available in town, don’t hesitate to give Gameloft’s ‘Duo Gamer Controller’  a try because it will surely take you to a thrill you never thought possible in gaming.

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